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mvs38j-langtest: MVS 3.8J Compiler and Language Tests

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The project contains example codes for many of the languages available on the MVS 3.8J turnkey systems. Several test cases have been implemented with equivalent logic in the available languages. JES2 jobs are provided to 'compile-link-go' the codes with the available compilers (in some cases several for one language). Test jobs, which generate detailed output for verification, as well as benchmark jobs, which consume a significant amount of CPU time, are provided.

The Cases

The test cases are chosen to test different aspects of languages and are identified by a 4 character case ID:

Case ID Description Objective
hewo The classical 'Hello Word' Get minimal program producing output
sine Line printer plot of sine and cosine Test basic text & character handling
soep Sieve of Eratosthenes prime search (byte) Test integer array handling and formatted output
soeq Sieve of Eratosthenes prime search (bit) Test bit handling
towh Tower of Hanoi solver Test recursive function calls
mcpi Monte Carlo estimate of pi Test floating point arithmetic

The cases were implemented with essentially the same basic logic in all languages so that one can compare the code quality of the compilers. The algorithms should also be short and simple, so that an assembler implementation is feasible. The links in the Case-Id column point to a description of the test case. The pick of cases is highly biased by the background of the author, see 'Author's Note' section in each of the READMEs.

The Compilers and Languages

The tk4- system contains a nice selection of languages and compilers which are for further reference identified by a 3 or 4 character compiler ID.

Language Compiler IDs
Algol 60 a60
Assembler asm
C gcc, jcc
FORTRAN-4 forg, forh, forw
Pascal pas
PL/I pli
Simula sim

Consult the Compiler README for more information on the compilers and the options used, and the benchmark summary for an overview of some benchmark runs and a compiler ranking.

The Codes

The test cases were, if possible, implemented in these languages. The Language-Case matrix with all Language - Case combinations is shown in the README of the codes directory.

The Jobs

For each Language-Case combination one or several batch jobs are provided in the jobs directory. See README for the Case - Job Type table explaining all available jobs types and the Compiler-Case matrix listing all available jobs. The later also includes a list of known issues.


Moshe Bar covered the langtest and herc-tools suites in tutorials entitled

Test your IBM MVS 3.8 compilers and benchmark your Hercules
Building an MVS printout distribution system

This is part of the moshix suite of mainframe (mostly MVS) related tutorials.

Directory organization

The project files are organized in directories as

Directory Content
codes the codes
herc-tools the herc-tools project as submodule, mainly for access to hercjis
jcl JCL job templates
jobs the jobs
sios the mvs38j-sios project as submodule, simple I/O system asm code
tests some test programs


This project is released under the GPL V3 license, all files contain a SPDX-style disclaimer:

SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later

The full text of the GPL license is in this directory as License.txt.


This project uses submodules, therefore use

  git clone --recurse-submodules