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Notes on w11 systems: w11a for Arty S7-50

The sys_w11a_as7 system is a w11a implementation for the Digilent Arty S7-50 board with DDR3 SDRAM support via a Vivado MIG core. For complete configuration, see sys_conf.vhd. The most important features are:

Property Value
CPU options FPP: no; Cache: 32 kB
Memory 3840 kB from DDR3 SDRAM via miglib_artys7
Devices DL11:2; DZ11, PC11, LP11, DEUNA, RK11, RL11, RHRP, TM11, IIST, KW11P, M9312: yes
Diagnostics rbmon: yes; ibmon: yes; dmpcnt: yes; dmhbpt: 2; dmcmon: yes
Rlink 12 Mbps via FT2232HQ based serial link

An alternative design that uses only BRAM is available as sys_w11a_br_as7.

The board has only 4 LEDs plus 2 RGB-LEDS and offers only a very rudimentary console light emulation. The memory size of 3840 kB allows starting all oskits.

For complete instructions on how to run operating system images, see w11a_os_guide. The default setup is:

  SWI = 0110                (gives console light emulation...)
  ti_w11 -tuD,12M,break,xon  @<oskit-name>_boot.tcl

The author doesn't have an Arty S7 board and doesn't plan to buy one. The design was made to study differences between Artix-7 and Spartan-7. The design is only simulation tested.

  • 2019-01-12: initial version