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Notes on oskit: 2.11BSD system on RL02 volumes

General remarks

See notes in on

  1. I/O emulation setup
  2. FPGA Board setup
  3. Rlink and Backend Server setup
  4. Legal terms

For history see


A disk set is available from

Download, unpack and copy the disk images (*.dsk), e.g.

       cd $RETROBASE/tools/oskit/211bsd_rl/
       tar -xzf 211bsd_rlset.tgz


  • Start backend server and boot system (see section Rlink in

         boot script:  211bsd_rl_boot.tcl
         example:      ti_w11 <opt> @211bsd_rl_boot.tcl
                        where <opt> is the proper option set for the board.
  • Hit <ENTER> in the xterm window to connnect to backend server. The boot dialog in the console xterm window will look like (required input is in {..}, with {<CR>} denoting a carriage return:

         70Boot from rl(0,0,0) at 0174400
         : {<CR>}
         : rl(0,0,0)unix
         Boot: bootdev=03400 bootcsr=0174400
         2.11 BSD UNIX #2: Sat May 20 22:55:40 PDT 2017
         phys mem  = 3932160
         avail mem = 3577344
         user mem  = 307200
         May 20 23:28:34 init: configure system
         dz ? csr 160100 vector 310 skipped:  No CSR.
         lp 0 csr 177514 vector 200 attached
         rk 0 csr 177400 vector 220 attached
         rl 0 csr 174400 vector 160 attached
         tm 0 csr 172520 vector 224 attached
         xp 0 csr 176700 vector 254 attached
         cn 1 csr 176500 vector 300 attached
         erase, kill ^U, intr ^C

    In first '#' prompt the system is in single-user mode. Just enter a ^D to continue the system startup to multi-user mode:

         Fast boot ... skipping disk checks
         checking quotas: done.
         Assuming non-networking system ...
         preserving editor files
         clearing /tmp
         standard daemons: update cron accounting.
         starting lpd
         starting local daemons:Sat May 20 23:28:41 PDT 2017
         May 20 23:28:41 init: kernel security level changed from 0 to 1
         2.11 BSD UNIX (w11a) (console)
  The login prompt is sometimes mangled with system messages, if its not
  visible just hit `<ENTER>` to get a fresh one.
   login: {root}
   erase, kill ^U, intr ^C

Now the system is in multi-user mode, daemons runnng. You can explore
the system, e.g. with a `pstat -T` or a `mount` command. The second
`xterm` can be activated too, it will connect to a second emulated DL11.
At the end is important to shutdown properly with a `halt`:
   # {pstat -T}
     7/186 files
    40/208 inodes
    11/150 processes
     6/ 46 texts active,  31 used
     2/135 swapmap entries,  420 kB used, 2139 kB free, 2133 kB max
    34/150 coremap entries, 2906 kB free, 2818 kB max
     1/ 10  ub_map entries,   10    free,   10    max
   # {mount}
   /dev/rl0a on /
   /dev/rl1h on /usr
   # {halt}
   syncing disks... done

While the system was running the server process display the

prompt. When the w11 has halted after 211bsd shutdown a message like
   CPU down attention
   Processor registers and status:
     PS: 030350 cm,pm=k,u s,p,t=0,7,0 NZVC=1000  rust: 01 HALTed
     R0: 177560  R1: 161322  R2: 053770  R3: 000010
     R4: 003400  R5: 147510  SP: 147466  PC: 000014

will be visible. Now the server process can be stopped with `^D`.

### Provisos
- **minimal** system !! Maybe useful as recovery system.
- was useful at a time when w11a had only RK11 and RL11 type disk support
- /tmp stays on '/'
- /home is not mounted
- suitable for a 'root' user, other accounts not supported