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##Notes on oskit: RT-11 V5.3 system on a RL02 volume

General remarks

See notes in on

  1. I/O emulation setup
  2. FPGA Board setup
  3. Rlink and Backend Server setup
  4. Legal terms

Also read README_license.txt which is included in the oskit !!


A disk set is available from

Download, unpack and copy the disk images (*.dsk), e.g.

       cd $RETROBASE/tools/oskit/rt11-53_rl
       tar -xzf rt11-53_rlset.tgz


  • Start disk image in simulator

         pdp11 rt11-53_rl_boot.scmd


         ti_w11 <opt> @rt11-53_rl_boot.tcl

    where <opt> is the proper option set for the board.

  • Hit <ENTER> in the xterm window to connect to simh or backend server. The boot dialog in the console xterm window will look like (required input is in {..}, with {<CR>} denoting a carriage return:

      RT-11FB  V05.03  
                                    RT-11 V5.3
             Installation of RT-11 Version 5.3 is complete and you are now
          executing from the working volume    (provided you have used the
          automatic installation procedure). DIGITAL recommends you verify
          the correct  operation  of  your  system's  software  using  the
          verification procedure.  To do this, enter the command:
                                   IND VERIFY
              Note that VERIFY should be performed  only after the distri-
          bution media have been backed up.  This was accomplished as part
          of automatic installation on  all  RL02,  RX02,  TK50, and  RX50
          based systems,   including the  MicroPDP-11 and the Professional
          300.  If you have not completed automatic installation, you must
          perform a manual backup before using VERIFY.  Note also,  VERIFY
          is NOT supported on RX01 diskettes,    DECtape I or II,   or the
          Professional 325.
          DIGITAL also  recommends  you  read  the  file V5NOTE.TXT, which
          contains information  formalized too late to be included  in the
          Release Notes.  V5NOTE.TXT can be TYPED or PRINTED.

    Now you are at the RT-11 prompt and can exercise the system.

    There is no halt or shutdown command, just terminate the simulator or backend server session.