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A (very, very outdated) rake file for helping automate TestFlight deploys
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Outdated, Deprecated, etc.

This was a quick tool written back in 2011 for, when TestFlight was an independent company. It is not even remotely compatible with TestFlight as it exists now, as part of Apple. The project is left up purely for posterity.

TestFlight Rake utility

A collection of rake tasks for an iOS project to make building & deploying builds to TestFlight much easier.

What it automates:

  • Incrementing your build number
  • Compiling & signing your app bundle
  • Compiling release notes (from commit messages), which you can edit before upload
  • Uploading the new release to TestFlight & notifying team members.


  1. Drop this Rakefile into your project root.
  2. Ensure you have the httpclient gem installed
  3. Currently we depend on you versioning your builds using agvtool. Do that.
  4. Create a file called .rakeenv in the same directory. Add configuration to this file. The following is pretty much the minimum of what you need to put here:
set(:app_name, YOUR_APP_NAME)
set(:environment, 'TestFlight') # you can use other environment tasks later if you prefer, but you need a default
set(:xcode_configuration, CONFIGURATION_TO_BUILD)
set(:codesign_identity) # The string name of your code signing certificate
set(:provisioning_profile_path, PATH_TO_PROVISIONINGPROFILE) #haven't yet found a way to do this without a direct path reference
set(:testflight_team_token, YOUR_TEAM_TOKEN)
set(:testflight_api_token, YOUR_API_TOKEN)
set(:testflight_distribution_lists, TESTFLIGHT_DIST_LISTS_TO_SEND_TO)  # not strictly required, but emails won't be sent if you don't

Nb. you need an explicit path reference to the .mobileprovision file you're using to codesign. I personally just keep a copy of my provisioning profile in the project directory and point at that, but if you want to hunt down the system path, have fun. I haven't yet figured out a way to automatically infer the correct mobile provision, unfortunately. This (& your codesigning identity should be inferable based on the XCode Configuration, but it just hasn't proved simple to do. If you figure it out, please submit a pull request!)


rake release is all you should really need. Look around if you want more.

Maybe I'll put some more detail on configuration, options, flow, and potential improvements later. But not right now.

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