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NOTE: works reasonably well, needs full testing still, try out before using wholesale...

  • a set of shortcut/aliases for ccommon git commands we intend to use during Ruby development

  • self-documented, use of _help {command} and _list

  • if you don't already have a ".bash_aliases" file in your homedir, simply copy this into place as: "~/.bash_aliases"

    • this will get called automatically on next terminal session
  • I'm using "_" (the underbar) for a namespace so there is no collision with existing/future commands

  • minimal path for development changes:

* (assuming project already cloned using _gc_NNN())
	* _gmc {branchName}
		* [Make changes]
	* _gac {message}	
		* (unless new files -- _ga {filename}, or _gaf {filename.gaf})
		* uses commit -a (commit all)
	* _gdb

Adding new aliases:

  • Coding style is paramount for _help and _list to function
    • first column start a new function
    • _{functionName}() # {textDescription} {lineFeed} {openBrace}
    • first line of function: '_use {functionName} {paramList}'
    • {body of function}
    • {closeBrace}


NOTE: This works reasonably well, but should be tried with caution... Take a snapshot on your VM prior to executing this script in case there are issues. The /etc/profile had reasonable testing, but may need further testing for additional scenarios.

  • a script to facilitate installation of Oracle Java onto an Ubuntu 12.10 os installation. Will likely work for any Ubuntu version.
  • read the header within the script to familiarize with the cli options
  • This is based on an article found on wikiHow titled "How to install Oracle Java on Ubuntu Linux"