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Your Contribution to wfrog

Besides the valuable activity in the discussion group and reported [issues], everyone is welcome to give a hand, even a small contribution.

Write us on the discussion group and be part of the growing wfrog community.


Developing new drivers, renderers, formulas or any other pluggable part is quite straightforward if you already now some programming language as Python is not so difficult to learn and wfrog architecture is very modular. You can quickly write something useful without having to know the whole stuff. The wfrog-dev group is the discussion platform for wfrog developers.


Please share your original custom configuration. The versatile wfrog configuration system puts no limits to your imagination.


With web knowledge, you can easily improve the page template. Share your artwork.


We don't own every type of stations, so we really need people testing the stations on their OS and report findings. You can become a mentor for your station model and become an contributor of the project, for example to add specific documentation for a given station model.


You are in a writing mood? Don't hesitate to lay down your words on the wiki pages and share your knowledge on wfrog with others. We can quickly open the write rights to new redactors.


Help us to prioritize the open issues. By commenting an issue, you notify us that you also would like it to be solved.


We plan making wfrog multingual. As soon as this is done, we will appreciate having the texts translated in many languages.

Then, efforts will also be welcome to translate some pages of the wfrog website.