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wfrog 0.8.2 - 18.02.2012

  • Fixed issues
  • Many small bugs fixed
  • Default template now has tabs for charts and numerical data and a date picker that allows to view history data (only in http mode).
  • Added new native publisher for
  • New static file renderer, to be used with ftp or http renderers to publish single static files
  • New native driver for Davis VantagePro2 weather stations.
  • OS-WMR928NX driver now is able to receive multiple TH and T sensors
  • Added support for several temp/hum sensors when using database storage (i.e. firebird or mysql storage).
  • The configuration files now have additional commented out sections to allow easier configuration of:
    • ftp publishing / compatible with http rendering
    • pws, weather underground, and meteoclimatic data publishing
    • humidex and wind chill in graphs
    • additional sensors
  • Interior temp and hum now allow units configuration.
  • Fix barometer overflow in WMRS200 driver.
  • Several fixes in WMRS200 driver to improve data reporting and error management.

Upgrade notes: If you have customized your configuration: in order to have the new settings take effect, you have to upgrade the wfdriver config files to the latest version and execute wfrog -S.

wfrog 0.8.1 - 22.03.2011

Dramatically simplified the configuration by choosing the station in startup settings. Some fixes.

  • Fixed Issues
  • WMR200: Corrected decoding of high gust values.
  • WMR928NX: added pressure_cal parameter in order to be able to calibrate pressure.
  • Fixed sporadic problem creating files under /root/.wfrog

Upgrade notes: If you have customized your configuration: in order to have the new settings take effect, you have to upgrade the wfdriver config files to the latest version and execute wfrog -S.

wfrog 0.8 - 04.03.2011

Many fixes and improvements, added upload to wunderground, numerical data summary and improved support of WH1081-like and VantagePro stations.

  • Fixed Issues
  • Many small bugs fixed.
  • Added upload to Wunderground
  • Added VantagePro support via PyWeather.
  • Added numerical data summary to generated pages.
  • Added support to decode historic data from station memory of WMR200.
  • Consolidated station driver for Fine Offset WH1080, WH1081, WH1090, WH1091, WH2080, WH2081. This also covers all the re-branded weather stations working with EasyWeather.
  • Windows build consolidated.
  • Under Windows, new wfrog data location is now %APPDATA%\Wfrog, please move former %HOMEDIR%.wfrog to this location.
  • Make table name configurable in database storages.
  • Fixed logo lost on the right of large screens
  • Fixed pygooglechart dependency version too recent for debian lenny.
  • Added configurable delay to the scheduler (by default 60 secs).
  • Added WESTEP input reading station events from Atom feeds (to support custom web-based stations).

wfrog 0.7 - 25.08.2010

WMR200 driver, .deb packaging, better configurability. Caution: The configuration structure has changed since version 0.6. You will have to re-adapt your configuration using wfrog --customize.

  • Fixed Issues
  • Added bootstrap script bin/wfrog to run all wfrog in one single command.
  • Added WMR200 driver.
  • Changed default port to an uncommon one to avoid conflicts (7680).
  • Prepare wfrog config files to optionally allow sending email messages on critical events.
  • Added auto-detect station. In debug mode, if no station is detected, the simulator is used.
  • Made log file and data files default location different if running as root or not.
  • Added init section in config to initialize reused components like storage
  • Fixed major layout problems for IE, Opera and Safari.
  • Made Beaufort digit more legible.
  • Added wind direction on line graph.
  • Added WindChill, HeatIndex and Humidex formulas.
  • Corrected many bugs in slice calculations and chart rendering.
  • Made rain graph accumulative.
  • Made all graphs ignore flat series by default.
  • Added .deb and .rpm packaging.
  • Put settings (former context) into a separate settings.yaml file configurable interactively.
  • New formulas Last and Count.
  • New render datatable, to present textual data.
  • New page to check wfrog status (http://localhost:7680/check).
  • Added --customize option to wfrog script for preparing user custom config/template directory.
  • Correcter bug: wfrender fails (does not find wfcommon modules) when called "python" and must always be called "./".
  • Removed http log on stdout and now logs requests in default log.
  • Performance improvement: slice unit for 365 days is week.

wfrog 0.6 - 07.06.2010

Main feature: Accumulator for rendering able to read from any storage.

  • Fixed Issues
  • Now default storage is CSV, no database installation needed (unless you want it)

wfrog 0.5 - 28.03.2010

Unified configuration, WESTEP compliance, new architecture

  • Fixed Issues
  • The architecture has been reworked to allow the driver and logger modules to run in separate processes. This enables integrating with drivers written in other languages.
  • All modules now offer full extensibility through an homogeneous YAML configuration system.
  • MySQL and CSV file storages (only wflogger).
  • Generated Configuration Reference
  • Changes in the YAML configuration:
    • The element !multi is now generic. Its children must not be named 'renderers' but 'children'.
    • The chart options that took 'on' or 'off' are now taking 'true or false', to be consistent.
    • The chart option y_margin is now ymargin, to be consistent as well.
    • Changed the !include and !template tags so that the paths are relative to the file where they appear and not from the current working directory.

wfrog 0.2 - 23.01.2010

A stable new version with a simpler db structure and improved error control in the drivers.

wfrog 0.1 - 24.11.2009

Simple but somewhat stable release

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