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Vendor Model Link Maturity Auto-Detect Driver Notes Linux Windows
Ambient Weather WS1080 USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
Davis VantagePro Serial / USB? High No !vantagepro2 Yes ?
VantagePro2 Serial / USB? High No !vantagepro2 Yes ?
Elecsa AstroTouch 6975 USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
Fine Offset Electronics WH1080, WH1080PC USB Medium No !wh1080 *2 Yes ?
WH1081 USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
WH1090 USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
WH1091 USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
WH2080 USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
WH2081 USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
Freetec PX1117 USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
LaCrosse WS2300 Serial Low No !ws2300 *3 Yes ?
WS28xx, C86234 USB Low Yes !ws28xx *4 Yes ?
Oregon Scientific WMR100N USB High Yes? !wmrs200 Yes ?
WMR88A USB High Yes? !wmrs200 *5 Yes ?
WMR200 USB High Yes !wmr200 Yes ?
WMRS200 USB High Yes !wmrs200 Yes Yes
WMR928NX Serial High No !wmr928x Yes ?
PCE FWS20 USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
Scientific Sales Pro Touch Screen Weather Station USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
TFA Dostmann Primus USB Low Yes !ws28xx *6 Yes ?
Topcom National Geographic 265NE USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?
Watson W8681 USB Medium No !wh1080 *1 Yes ?


  1. See Fine Offset Electronics WH1080
  2. Needs third party pywws library ( Install it as root with
  3. Needs third party ws2300 library ( Run sudo ./ install to make it visible to wfrog.
  4. Needs third party ws28xx library (
  5. Seems to return always the same value for gust and avg wind (see issue 117)
  6. See La Crosse ws28xx

Maturity level:

  • High: Users are actively using it.
  • Medium: Reported to be working.
  • Low: Support has been recently implemented.

Note that some USB drivers in Linux need to be run as root.