A 3D animation application built in Haskell and C
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An animation application built in Haskell and C

Inverse Kinematics (not implemented)


##Instructions 0. Make sure the requirements are correctly installed

  1. Run make
  2. ./LazyArmature examples/test.laf
  3. test.laf can be any LazyArmature file


  • Not everything got implemented, but hey, that's life.
  • GitHub
  • credits to Will and Hunter
  • Will wrote the engine in C, the interface with Haskell, and the Skeleton system
  • Hunter implemented a totally awesome parser, used the skeleton system, wrote the command file syntax, and provided Haskell expertise


  • The matrix math, rendering, object generation, etc. is done in C, which is interacted with through Haskell's Foreign Function Interface (FFI)
  • The syntax allows cool stuff like scoped variables and easy skeleton generation
  • SDL2 is used for placing pixels. That's it.