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website for bill walker's birding photographs and birding field observations
Ruby JavaScript CSS CoffeeScript
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app redirect to the WAC demo
config redirect to the WAC demo
db Support Clements taxonomy table and international birding
doc new standard Rails 3 stuff
lib standard Rails 3 stuff
log log directory persists in git
public first try for angular login / logout
script update script directory from rails 2 to rails 3
test fix the test helper now that all pages should have three containers
vendor standard Rails 3 stuff
.gitignore new version of mobile site
Gemfile updates to Gemfile to repair various incompatibilities on dev machines.
README new stuff from Rails 3 list dependencies
README.rdoc new stuff from Rails 3
Rakefile new stuff from Rails 3
Shipman-Clements-renames.csv migrate old species table to clements
birdwalker_dump.sql a few photos
clements-rename-find-broken.rb test script for finding broken records (replacing species with taxon)
clements-rename.rb Support Clements taxonomy table and international birding
clements.csv sanitize clements.csv update config stuff to rails 3
exportEbirdRecordFormat.rb command line arguments and other good stuff
extract_fixtures.rake support for sending email newsletters
parseBloggerExport.rb add support for blog posts
photoMetadataGrabber.rb script to pull metadata from photos
suggested_invocation.txt how to invoke using the image_base_url


birdwalker3 is a Ruby on Rails app for organizing bird photos and field notes


mysql: for access to the MySQL database

open-uri: for posting browserID asserions to

rexml: for parsing and validating XML and XHTML

RMagick: for extracting metadata from local images files and for making thumbnails

array_extensions: for breaking an array into equally-sized subarrays

ebird_api: for talking to Cornell's eBird REST API

json: for parsing JSON responses from browserID and generating JSON for AJAX requests

net/http: for talking to Cornell's eBird REST API

sun_times: for computing sunrise and sunset times at locations with known latitude and longitude

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