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[PATCH] Allow for recovery after errors in extended queries #4

tmoertel opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Currently, epgsql will not allow the user to request a sync while the connection is in the "executing" state. When an error occurs in this state, then, the connection becomes wedged because the server requires a sync request to continue:

When an error is detected while processing any extended-query message, the backend issues ErrorResponse, then reads and discards messages until a Sync is reached, then issues ReadyForQuery and returns to normal message processing. (Source:

The following commit creates a new "awaiting_sync" state and modifies the connection's state machine to transition into this state when an error is encountered in the "executing" state. In this new state, the user can request a sync but nothing else. Attempts to make other requests result in awaiting_sync errors, alerting the user to the server's expectations.


wg commented

Thanks Tom! I just pushed a slightly different fix that puts the connection in an 'aborted' state and returns {error, sync_required}, along with a test case for this issue.

This issue was closed.
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