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Support for integer arrays added. It includes parsing array output from postgresql and ability to bind lists of integers to array parameters. See added test for examples of usage.
Anton Lebedevich

wg commented Sep 27, 2010

Hi Anton,

Thanks for the pull request! It would be better to handle arrays using PostgreSQL's external binary format because you could support all array types in a general manner and reuse the existing encode/decode functions in pgsql_binary. I'm close to finishing that work and hope to have it committed soon.



BTW, where did you find binary array format specification?
Text format is more verbose and text parsing in Erlang is slower than binary matching so binary format for arrays seems to be better choice. And it's quite simple as I can conclude from network packets observation, but I didn't find description for it.

wg commented Sep 28, 2010

Yeah I wasn't able to find a formal specification either =) There's an 'adt' directory that has the C code for _send and _recv functions, so that's what I used.

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