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* Require OpenSSL 1.1.0+
wrk 4.0.2
* Send hostname using TLS SNI.
* Add optional WITH_OPENSSL and WITH_LUAJIT to use system libs.
* Bundle OpenSSL 1.0.2.
* delay() can return milliseconds to delay sending next request.
wrk 4.0.0
* The wrk global variable is the only global defined by default.
* wrk.init() calls the global init(), remove calls to wrk.init().
* Add wrk.lookup(host, port) and wrk.connect(addr) functions.
* Add setup phase that calls the global setup() for each thread.
* Allow assignment to thread.addr to specify the server address.
* Add thread:set(name, value), thread:get(name), and thread:stop().
* Record latency for every request instead of random samples.
* Latency and requests in done() are now callable, not indexable.
* Only record timeouts when a response is actually received.
* Remove calibration phase and record rate at fixed interval.
* Improve correction of coordinated omission.
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