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wrk should build on most UNIX-like operating systems and
architectures that have GNU make and are supported by LuaJIT and
OpenSSL. Some systems may require additional CFLAGS or LDFLAGS,
see the top of the Makefile for examples
In many cases simply running `make` (often `gmake` on *BSD) will
do the trick.
wrk requires LuaJIT and OpenSSL and is distributed with appropriate
versions that will be unpacked and built as necessary.
If you are building wrk packages for an OS distribution or otherwise
prefer to use system versions of dependencies you may specify their
location when invoking make with one or more of:
For example to use the system version of both libraries on Linux:
Or to use the Homebrew version of OpenSSL on Mac OS X:
make WITH_OPENSSL=/usr/local/opt/openssl