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A simple Node.JS daemon that listens for published events on your Particle event stream, parses them, and pushes them to Adafruit IO.


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Change to repo directory (cd particle-adafruitio)
  3. Run npm install to install dependencies
  4. Run using node particle-adafruitio.js or use any process manager (nodemon, foreverjs, pm2)


Options are now set via environment variables. Available options are:

  • ACCESS_TOKEN - (Required) Your Particle cloud access token
  • AIO_KEY - (Required) Your Adafruit IO key
  • EVENT_NAME - The name of the event to listen for - default: statsd
  • FORWARD_SPARK - Parse spark/* events. 0 = Disable, Any other value = Enable - default: 1
  • SPARK_PATH - The metric path prefix for spark/* events - default: spark
  • AIO_URL - The Adafruit IO API URL - default:

Data format

Data format is: [device name];[metric name]:[metric value]|[metric type],[metric name]:[metric value]|[metric type]

  • device name - (Optional) If not specified with a name (followed by a semi-colon), the Particle device ID will be used instead.
  • metric name - The name of the metric you wish to record. Keep it short so you can fit more data in a single publish.
  • metric value - The value of the metric you wish to record.
  • metric type - The StatsD metric type to use.

Multiple metrics can be passed as long as each metric set (metric name, metric value, and metric type) is separated by commas.

Note that this keeps the same format as the particle-statsd repo so it's easier to switch amongst the two (or run them simultaneously).