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A script to test translations and pull requests for Mattermost
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Mattermost prepare PKGBUID

This script aims at automating the test of Mattermost translations and pull requests submitted against the Mattermost source code base.

This script uses shut, a Bash library I wrote, which mimicks useful fonctions from PHP and argsparse, a Bash library written by Anvil.

The translation files are downloaded and converted in a format accepted by Mattermost thanks to mattermosti18n, a tool written by rodcorsi, used to convert translations between GNU gettext .po and JSON files.

Usage [ --help ] --source-folder SOURCE-FOLDER \
        [ --langs LANGS ] [ --pull-requests PULL-REQUESTS ]

 -h | --help
    Show this help message
 -d | --source-folder
    The folder containing the Mattermost sources
 -l | --langs
    The languages we want to download from the Pootle server in order to test the translation. The languages are specified using their language codes (as available on Pootle) and must be separated with a colon.
 -p | --pull-requests
    The pull request number from the Github page that will be applied on the existing Mattermost sources


This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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