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Very quick commandline wrapper around OpenTypeUtilities.cpp from Chromium, used
to make EOT (Embeddable Open Type) files from TTF (TrueType/OpenType Font)
files. This is the format TTLoadEmbeddedFont() accepts, which is what Internet
Explorer uses for css @font-face declarations.
I've only tested this on Linux.
EOT was documented by Microsoft here:
TTLoadEmbeddedFont is described here:
To build:
$ make
$ ./ttf2eot < input.ttf > output.eot
Author: 15-Mar-2009
License: Derived from WebKit, so BSD/LGPL 2/LGPL 2.1.
Keywords for anyone having as much pain as me finding a utility to do this on Linux:
covert eot to ttf
eot converter
wtf is an eot file
TODO: MTX support?
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