This script replaces photos in Camera Uploads to 'Camera Uploads/year/month/day/xxx.jpg'
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This script helps to arrange photos in Dropbox/Camera Uploads

This script replaces photos in Dropbox like

  • 'Dropbox/Camera Uploads/year/month/day/201x-05-03 xx.xx.xx.jpg'
  • 'Dropbox/Camera Uploads/year/month/day/201x-05-03'
  • 'Dropbox/Camera Uploads/year/month/day/201x-05-03 xx.xx.xx HDR.jpg'


Python 2.5 < 3.x

How to use

For Windows Users

If you have'nt install python yet, you can download 'Python 2.7.3' windows installer from

Put '', 'win.bat', 'win_test.bat' to 'Camera Uploads' directory.

Camera Uploads/
├── win.bat
└── win_test.bat

For Mac Users

Put '', 'mac.command', 'mac_test.command' to 'Camera Uploads' directory.

Camera Uploads/
├── mac.command
└── mac_test.command

Run test script

Run test script by double click 'win_test.bat' or 'mac_test.command'.
Copying file will be started.
The test script won't delete original photos.

If the test script works fine

You can remove test script('win_test.bat' or 'mac_test.command').
Run 'win.bat' or 'mac.command'.
This script copies photo to 'Camera Uploads/year/month/day' directory,
and remove file in top directory in 'Camera Uploads'.

Other scripts?

Scripts 'win_nodate.bat', 'mac_nodate.command' don't create 'date' directory.
So, photos will be placed to 'Camera Uploads/year/month/xxxx.jpg'.

If you don't want to create 'date' directory, please use 'xxx_nodate' script.