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Colorwalks are a way to create theoretically continuous sequences of colors (actually often discrete in practice) that transition smoothly and aesthetically. They can be used to create high-quality, aesthetic pleasing gradients, color transitions/animations, or palettes.

A color walk is defined by a color volume (such as an rgb cube, hsv cylinder, L*a*b volume, etc) and a path through that volume/space. The path, ideally a continuous function such as a spline or arc, is sampled to create the sequences of colors. Using a color space that has a near-isomorphic mapping of perceptual distance to euclidian distance, such as L*a*b, will result in a smoother colorwalk (I think).

This is an initial implementation of colorwalk visualization and computation, in three.js and webgl. Color spaces are rendered roughly from primitive shapes. For various reasons, including interop and Javascript's annoying number and color handling, I will probably rewrite this in Cinder (C++) or a similar creative coding framework soon.