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Data Structures & Algorithms in C++

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We are aiming to provide c++ & python code for standard textbook data structures and algorithms.

Currently, the following algorithms are working:

* Kruskals
* Matrix Chain Multiplication - Optimization
* Printing/Generating all the distinct permutations (anagrams) of a string

There are some other algorithms that can be used:

* The Josephus Problem
* Breadth First Search
* Depth First Search

In terms of data structures, the following are available:

* An adjacency matrix representation of a graph (in C++)
* An adjacency list representation of a graph (C++)
* A class that provides all the comparison operators based on the presence of a cmp function 
  or a less than operator in a class (see: default_operators.hpp)

This codebase is a work in progress. Treat all the code present here as example code. Functions 
and data members may appear and disappear at will.

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