CAS3 Client for Liferay6 with ClearPass and Proxy Ticket support
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CAS3 Client for Liferay6 with ClearPass and Proxy Ticket Support


Liferay6 supports CAS out-of-the-box but without support for CAS ClearPass or Proxy Tickets. This package fixes that.


  • Liferay CE 6.x
  • Liferay CE 6.x plugins SDK
  • CAS Server 3.x optionally with ClearPass support


  1. Install Liferay CE 6.x plugins SDK and make sure build.{username}.properties points to your deployment
  2. Under ext/ mkdir cas3-ext/ and places this package there
  3. Start up liferay
  4. cd cas3-ext; ant clean deploy
  5. Login into liferay and using the Control Panel and makes these changes:

    liferay contro planel > settings > authentication > General:

    • How do users authenticate? change to By Screen Name

    liferay control planel > settings > authentication > CAS:

  6. edit ROOT/WEB-INF/web.xml and comment out the stock SSO filters
  7. Restart Liferay

Clicking on login should take you to the CAS login screen.


For this to work you need to have a properly configured CAS server with ClearPass enabled and both services must be running over SSL. You may also need to edit web.xml and properties-ext.xml to have the right CAS and portal URLs.