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Complex Function Plotter App Icon

A fully-featured, responsive domain-coloring plotter for complex-analytic functions.

Screenshot showing domain-coloring plot of a polynomial. Screenshot showing a Jacobi elliptic function. Screenshot showing a Julia fractal. Screenshot showing the j-invariant. Screenshot showing a the built-in contour integrator. Screenshot showing the Riemann zeta function.


  • Beautiful, fast, interactive domain-coloring plots of complex functions
  • Computation of arbitrary contour integrals and residues
  • Arbitrary number of auxiliary variables; fast + smooth visualization of their effect on the plotted function
  • Arbitrary custom functions via GLSL shader API
  • Several toggleable display and graphics options
  • Fully anti-aliased and anti-Moiré'd visual output


Full documentation is available within the app. Click the ‘Help’ button in the upper right to open.