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1-Dimensional Simulation of the Schrodinger Equation
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Quantum Simulator

1-Dimensional Simulation of the Schrodinger Equation.

Screenshot of main window.


  • Stable simulation of unitary evolution.
  • Stable time acceleration.
  • View evolution of wavefunction in different bases.
  • Measure observables and simulate the collapse of the wavefunction.


Simply run

  • The real and imaginary parts of the wave function are plotted in green and blue, respectively.
  • The magnitude of the wavefunction is plotted in white.
  • The potential is only visible in the default (position) basis, and is plotted in yellow.


Requires the following libraries on Python 3:

  • PyQt5
  • Numpy
  • Scipy
  • pyqtgraph


  • Does not yet support time-varying potentials.
  • Currently supports only one-dimensional wavefunctions.
  • Components with very high energy are discarded to improve numerical stability.


  • If the simulation runs slowly, try decreasing basis_size in to 256. If the problem persists, decrease discretization_size to 512. Note, however, that this will decrease the simulation accuracy.
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