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PolySpider - New Android Crawler

Python(v2.7) and Scrapy(v0.20.2) are used in this project, which is mainly designed for Android app synchronizing and categorizing by focusing on grabing data from Android Markets.


Contribution Guides

  1. Getting Involved
  2. Installation
  3. TODO List
  4. Core Functionalities
  5. Tips

Branch Descirption

  • master branch

    the latest stable version, which can be currently used in Poly Project. NEVER EVER straightly commit codes in MASTER branch.

  • develop branch

    the developing unstable version. team contributors should take code imporvement in this branch. If the project in develop branch comes to a stable level and meets the product requirement. The MASTER branch will merge the pull request from develop branch and release a stable branch version.

  • stable branch

    we use numbers like 0.1, 0.3, 1.0 as a stable release from this project.

  • gh-pages branch

    static resources and website page


###Run Single Spider

  1. Step into PolySpider/src/ directory
  2. Use scrapy list command to find spiders this project has provided
  3. Use scrapy crawl spidername command to start the crawler, which will crawl the target app market and then record the crawled app information into sqlite database, download the apk file and parse it to get the info_list including package name, app name etc. If needed, it will upload the apk file to Cloud Storage like BaiduYun and UpYun.
  4. Since the app info is stored in sqlite database, you can use python check_sql_data.py command to check out what info the database has for convenience or just use some SqliteBrowser tools.

###Run supervisor Supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems.

  1. All configuration setting of Supervisor is included in PolySpider/src/supervisor.conf
  2. Step into PolySpider/src/ directory
  3. User supervisord -c supervisor.conf to start supervisor process and all python processes managed by Supervisor will start automatically. Moreover, Supervisor will monitor the process and restart them if the processes are interrupted or quit unexpectedly。
  4. Admin can watch the Supervisor status in browser with the address localhost:9001 by default and there are some oprations could be taken on the python processes like refresh, stop, restart and so on.
  5. Directory named PolySpider/src/tmp/ contains log files of Supervisor itself and other processes. Feel free to check it out!

Supported Android Markets