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It's easier on everyone if all authors working on a shared
code base are consistent in the way they write their programs.
We have the following conventions in our code:
* No space after the name of a function in a call
For example, printf("hello") not printf ("hello").
* One space after keywords "if", "for", "while", "switch".
For example, if (x) not if(x).
* Space before braces.
For example, if (x) { not if (x){.
* Function names are all lower-case separated by underscores.
* Beginning-of-line indentation via tabs, not spaces.
* Preprocessor macros are always UPPERCASE.
There are a few grandfathered exceptions: assert, panic,
static_assert, offsetof.
* Pointer types have spaces: (uint16_t *) not (uint16_t*).
* Multi-word names are lower_case_with_underscores.
* Comments in imported code are usually C /* ... */ comments.
Comments in new code are C++ style //.
* In a function definition, the function name starts a new line.
Then you can grep -n '^foo' */*.c to find the definition of foo.
* Functions that take no arguments are declared f(void) not f().