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Make a radio from your PHPBB-forum

These scripts parse all the posts on a phpbb-forum and filter out links to mp3's, soundcloud-links and embedded-soundcloud links ([soundcloud]url[/soundcloud]). All urls are kept in a Mongodb. The frontend and JSON-API are made using the Silex Microframework which is based on Symfony2.


  • PHP-5.3 (or higher)
  • MongoDB (on debian-based servers, the following is enough to get a working instance: apt-get install mongodb
  • a PHPBB-forum
  • Sass Not required but very handy to have. Makes working with CSS a lot more fun. just type sass --watch web/css/style.scss:web/css/style.css to automatically update your style.css file.

Important files:

  • db_config.php: Holds the credentials to your phpbb-database - there's a sample file included: db_config-sample.php

  • config.php: Various configuration options. If you want to stream from soundcloud, be sure to get a Soundcloud API Key and set it in this file.

  • crawler.php: Connects to the mysql-database which hosts the phpbb-data, pulls out all the posts, parses them, checks the availability of the urls and finally saves them to Mongodb.

  • check_availability.php: Checks an existing Mongodb and tests the availability of the urls that are stored inside.

  • app/app.php: The web-frontend of the radio and implementation of the JSON-API

  • web/js/radio.js: Contains all the javascript logic to get music from the API, play it and update the view dynamically

  • web/.htaccess: Needed for routing everything to index.php

    If you run nginx, the following lines should replace the .htaccess:
    index index.php; location / { try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args; }


  • Set up a subdomain for your radio in your DNS and webserver
  • Install all dependencies through packagist: php composer.phar update
  • mv db_config-sample.php db_config.php
  • Edit db_config.php
  • Edit config.php
  • Make sure logs/ is writable for your webserver (fi. on debian-based linux: chown www-data:www-data logs; chmod 755 logs
  • Make sure mongodb is running and then run (this will take a LONG time): php crawler.php >list.log
  • You can do tail -f list.log while running the crawler to check the progress
  • When the crawler is done, go check out your radio: http://your-radio-domain
  • I use the following line in crontab to refresh the list each night:
    * 3 * * * cd /path/to/the/source; php check_availability.php && php crawler.php

Demo Site:

Android App:

I also wrote an Android Music Player that connects with this service and plays the music while you're on the go. I released the app on the market with as backend You can find that one here


Make a radio from your PHPBB-forum



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