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query calibre from emacs, useful for referencing work
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Put the following lines in .emacs.el (or equivalent). sql-sqlite-program should be discovered by sql.el, but you can override it

(require 'calibre-mode)
(setq sql-sqlite-program "/usr/bin/sqlite3")

If your Calibre library is not in the default location, calibre--find-library-filepath will try to find it; alternatively, set calibre-root-dir explicitly:

(setq calibre-root-dir (expand-file-name "~/Calibre Library"))

if somehow your calibre library is not metadata.db, override the full db path directly:

(setq calibre-db (concat calibre-root-dir "/metadata.db"))


M-x calibre-list

Prompts for a search string and displays all records which match on title or author.

M-x calibre-find

Prompts for a search string. Matches the first record which would have been matched by calibre-list. Offers several options for opening the work.

org-mode interaction

Provides org-calibre-open, which registers a handler for org links like [[calibre:Quick Start Guide]]

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