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Crypto signals Resources

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Crypto Signals Resources Intro

Welcome to our crypto signals wiki. Whaleagent goal is to provide you with High-quality resources to follow the cryptocurrency market in order to do Proper research before you decided to follow any signal from Telegram signals channel provider. Copy and paste the signal is the easy part, However - You always need to do your own research before you follow a crypto signal

Table of Context:

Signals Portfolio Management

Recommended Portfolio resources To manage your crypto trading signals portfolio gains.

Crypto Wallets

Recommended & And well known Trusted wallets. Remember to ALWAYS enable 2FA when using a Web-Based Wallet.

Crypto Traders of Twitter

When you are a dedicated cryptocurrency Signals followers it's always Recommended to follow well-known Traders in Twitter to stay updated about the Market.

Crypto Media Outlets

You should be aware of the well-known cryptocurrency news websites out there in order to make sure that you stay updated about the cryptocurrency market before you follow a Telegram crypto signal.

Crypto Exchanges

The most Secured & trustworthy cryptocurrency Exchanges for 2019

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