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(in-package :academy)
;;; USE-NAKED-REPL will turn a SLIME REPL into a REPL able to execute function calls
;;; without the outer set of parenthesis. This has the effect of turning the REPL into a
;;; command line.
(let ((original-eval-region))
(defun naked-eval-region (string)
(if (and (plusp (length string)) (char= (aref string 0) #\())
(funcall original-eval-region string)
(if (let* ((*read-eval* nil)
(first-element (read-from-string string)))
(and (symbolp first-element) (fboundp first-element)))
(funcall original-eval-region (format nil "(~A)" string))
(funcall original-eval-region string))))
(defun use-naked-repl (&optional (enable t))
(if enable
(if original-eval-region
(format t "You are already using a naked repl.~%")
(setf original-eval-region (symbol-function (find-symbol "EVAL-REGION" :swank))
(symbol-function (find-symbol "EVAL-REGION" :swank)) #'naked-eval-region)
(format t "You are now using a naked repl.~%")))
(when original-eval-region
(setf (symbol-function (find-symbol "EVAL-REGION" :swank)) original-eval-region
original-eval-region nil))
(format t "You are no longer using a naked repl.~%")))
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