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Haoran Wei (82926501)


Parameter Description

  • generation: The generation or iteration of L-System. The tree grows with rise of the factor. To avoid the size exponentially growing, the uniform scale has been adapted.
  • heart_density: Represent the threshold of leaf growth. 0 means no leaves while 1 means no free branch apexes.
  • branch_angle: The upper bound of rotation angle along x axis. The lower bound is proportional to this factor as well.
  • heart/branch/dot_color: Handles of objects' color attribute.



L-System Branching Structure

The basic shape of the tree is generated from L-system.

axiom: FX
rules: F -> FF (20%) or F*$F (80%)
       X -> [FX][*+FX] (30%) or [+FX][*+FX][**+FX](70%)
  • F: The current branch moves forward with a random step size.
  • X: Apex of a branch. An apex will be drawn as a spiral slim branch or a heart shape leaf based on a random number.
  • $: Rotate a branch sightly along its local x axis.
  • +: Rotate a branch along its local x axis by an input angle.
  • *: Rotate a branch along its local y axis by around 120 degree.
  • [: Push into a turtle stack. Also means a new branch.
  • ]: Pop out of a turtle stack. Also means the end of current branch.

Smooth Branches and Junctions

Use a member variable to record the step count of the current turtle. Scale a branch based on its step count using cubic falloff function. In addtion, instead of steep branch junctions, draw a series of segments to generate smooth curve branches from junctions.

Instanced Rendering

Draw branches, heart shape leaves and decorations on background canvas using the technique of instanced rendering. Any Branch is made of a series of short segments with random length and orientation. Transform matrices are wrapped into a Float32Array together and passed to VBO within 4 vec4 in the form of column vector. Animation on the background is driven by vertex shader, which avoid repeating update in CPU.

Falling Leaves

Generate two random factors based on the position of each leaf instance in vertex shader. One determines the period of a falling circle, and the another represents the initial phase for animation. Leaves ease in and out at the beginning and end of lifetime.

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