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  1. drf-excel drf-excel Public

    An XLSX spreadsheet renderer for Django REST Framework.

    Python 206 37

  2. wrds wrds Public

    Read WRDS datasets remotely (from wrds-cloud) into a Pandas dataframe. For any issues with this package, please contact

    Python 120 42

  3. wagtailgridder wagtailgridder Public

    Wagtail Gridder is a Bootstrap 4 enabled layout for the Wagtail CMS. Grid Items are created within categories, and displayed on a Grid Index Page. The JavaScript libraries Gridder and MixItUp are i…

    Python 66 11

  4. automagic-rest automagic-rest Public

    Django REST Framework PostgreSQL Builder: automagically creates DRF endpoints by introspecting PostgreSQL.

    Python 36 5

  5. python-vagrant-centos7 python-vagrant-centos7 Public

    A Vagrant box for development on Python 3.6, with many extras for Django 2.x development.

    Jinja 30 17

  6. django-base-theme django-base-theme Public

    A responsive, mobile-first front-end framework designed for Wharton Django applications.

    CSS 23 9


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