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Symmetric Pandamic is a deck manger for the Pandemic boardgame. It uses a given seed to generate a deck order allowing repeated games and team vs team games. Symmetry is maintained even after the infection shuffles.


The current version uses only the following Special Event cards:
Remote Transport
Re-examined Research
Rapid Vaccine Deployment
Mobile Hospital
Government Grant

Some cards are excluded to prevent the decks from getting out of sync when shuffled, since we're using the Special Event cards from both the base game and the On The Brink expansion and you don't use all the cards in a given game anyway we thought this was an acceptable tradeoff. If playing with 4+ Players you might see special event cards named something like "Special 7". Agree beforehand what these cards are, either copies of the above cards, or something custom (that doesn't affect card drawing ideally).

Infections are handled by the application, with the bottom card being drawn and the shuffling taking place.

Ideally you should have the player cards available and hand them out as they get drawn by the app.

The game plays as normal, including setup other than when you would normally reach for a card from the pile you instead click the appropriate draw button in the app.

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Developer: Luke Dewitt (@whatadewitt)
Concept/Design: Luke Dewitt, Mike McGraw, Brent Smith (@brentsmith_dev)

Pandemic was designed by Matt Leacock 
Pandemic: http://www.zmangames.com/boardgames/pandemic.htm

Remember, the more copies of Pandemic you own the more teams you can have :)

Licence: Luke, add whatever licence you want

Images (Maps) are in the public domain and were available here as of May 2012: