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CircleCI Build status

Picapport in a Container

Currently, this is a docker image based on Alpine and has Picapport installed.

Supported Architectures

This multiarch image supports amd64, i386, arm32v6, arm64v8, ppc64le, and s390x on Linux and amd64 on Windows

Starting the container

For Linux

docker run -d --name picapport -p 8080:80 whatever4711/picapport

Starting the container

For Windows

docker run -d --name picapport -p 8080:80 whatever4711/picapport:windows-amd64

Thereafter you can access picapport on http://localhost:8080

Specifying Custom Configurations

Create a file and save it in a folder, e.g. config. You can specify all parameter described in the Picapport server guide:


In this file we specified, e.g., the path for picapport to search for the pictures inside the docker container, and the path, where all cached photos are stored.

Mounting Volumes

  • Mount your configuration with: -v $PWD/config:/opt/picapport/.picapport
  • Mount your photos with: -v /path/to/your/fotos:/srv/photos
  • Eventually mount the cache with -v /path/to/cache:/srv/cache

docker run -d --name picapport -p 8080:80 -v $PWD/config:/opt/picapport/.picapport -v /path/to/fotos:/srv/photos -v /path/to/cache:/srv/cache whatever4711/picapport

Easier setup with docker-compose

version: '3'

    image: whatever4711/picapport
    restart: always
      - 80
      - backend
      - /path/to/your/configuration:/opt/picapport/.picapport
      - /path/to/your/fotos:/srv/photos

Run it with docker-compose up -d