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A complete authentication website built on Codeigniter.
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Open Source Codeigniter Authentication.

A complete web sample and template of a secure authentication system using the Codeigniter PHP framework. Very simple configuration, as most of it has been done in this sample.

Authored by:

Demo available at


PHP version 5.1.6 or newer.


Updated to CodeIgniter 2.1.0

Intro and Notes

  1. Cross-site request forgery protection (CSRF)
  2. Protects against cross-site scripting (XSS)
  3. Encrypted Cookies and sessions are securely stored in the database
  4. Utilizes query bindings and active records -- all queries are escaped
  5. Site is divided into three sections: normal pages, secure pages, and admin pages
  6. Windows 8 Developer Preview 8102 will have problems logging in
  7. Remember me cookies/persistent login deliberately left out, message me for the code if you would like it

Installation Instructions


  1. Unzip package
  2. Upload entire folders to server
  3. Create a database on your server, import envysea.sql (phpMyAdmin)
  4. Go to application/config/config.php
  5. Change $config['base_url'] to your base URL
  6. Change $config['encryption_key'] to a completely random character string (random means random -- uppercase, lowercase, number, symbol, etc. and do not leave it as the current value)
  7. Go to application/config/envysea.php and make all changes between the comment blocks
  8. Open application/config/database.php and enter your database paramters (username, password, database)
  9. Open site and enjoy

Creating your users

There are two users by default - username: "admindude", password: "admindude" and username: "normaldude", password: "normaldude" - We are going to delete both of them and create your own separate to your site

  1. Delete all users from database
  2. Open application/config/envysea.php, change "salty_salt" and "admin_level" to a random character string unique to your site
  3. Go to the webpage, and create two new users
  4. Go into your database and change the user_level of the user you want to be an admin to equal your new admin_level
  5. You are now 100% done with the installation and have a fully featured membership site unique and secure to you


To be continued

The "module" variable is just a way for you to distinguish which header and footer you want to use when loading views:

  • Use the envysea module when loading views for all normal access websites
  • Use the secure module when loading views for all secure pages
  • Use the admin module when loading views for all admin pages

The construct of controllers require:

  • Nothing (no code) for normal pages
  • $this->auth->is_logged_in() for secure pages
  • $this->auth->is_logged_in() and $this->auth->is_admin() for admin pages

Auth Library

  • The create function in the auth library is shared between the normal user registration and the admin create a person views
  • The update function in the auth library is shared between the normal user account update and the admin update a person views
  • The delete function in the auth library is shared between the normal user account delete and the admin update a person views

Feel free to email me at for questions or help. Unfortunately the rest of this documentation will have to be continued at a later

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