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A simple blog engine written in scala with akka-http, vuejs and github as storage
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#tinyblog A simple blog engine written in scala with akka-http, bootstrap and github as storage. The following technologies are used to build this blogging engine:

  • Akka-http as webserver and request routing
  • Spray framework : Json deserializer uses Spray library.
  • Twirl : is a template engine to render HTML.
  • MapDB: an embedded high performance databased written in Krotlin (a another JVM based language) to store commit history and blog metadata.
  • Github: blog content was written in Markdown, then commit to Github under repository: There will be a worker (implemented inside blog engine to fetch data from Github and display content on this blog.
  • vujs to build html interface
  • Pegdown: Markdown parser to parse markdown text format to html document (used to use Markwrap but it does not provide a method to build parser with timeout option).
  • Akka: To build worker and logging stuff.


There’s a running demo version of this blogging engine here: . I will move all my personal blog to use this blogging engine as soon as possible.


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