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  1. dde dde Public

    Local development environment toolset based on Docker

    Shell 41 9

  2. docker-base-images docker-base-images Public

    Dockerfiles to all docker base images we use at whatwedo

    55 19

  3. MonitorBundle MonitorBundle Public

    monitor application state of your Symfony application and services

    PHP 2

  4. EsrBundle EsrBundle Public

    Symfony2 bundle for creating orange inpayment slip PDF's with support for swiss QR invoices

    Twig 12 2

  5. TwigBootstrapIcons TwigBootstrapIcons Public

    Integrate Bootstrap Icons in twig

    PHP 1 1

  6. SyliusGoCryptoPaymentPlugin SyliusGoCryptoPaymentPlugin Public

    GoCrypto payment integration for your sylius e-commerce project.



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