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Fix classList too.

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commit 8f66f8fe624978ecad6aa00e02db0203dbac14b2 1 parent 25d3e7c
@annevk annevk authored
Showing with 6 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 Overview.src.html
  2. +3 −2 dom-core.html
5 Overview.src.html
@@ -5081,8 +5081,9 @@ <h2 class=no-num>Goals</h2>
"<code title>class</code>" content attribute.
<p>The <dfn title=dom-Element-classList><code>classList</code></dfn>
-attribute must return a <code>DOMTokenList</code> whose associated attribute
-is the "<code title>class</code>" content attribute.
+attribute must return the associated <code>DOMTokenList</code> object
+representing the <span>context object</span>'s
+<span title=concept-class>classes</span>.
5 dom-core.html
@@ -5141,8 +5141,9 @@ <h3 id="interface-element"><span class="secno">5.8 </span>Interface <code><a hre
"<code title="">class</code>" content attribute.
<p>The <dfn id="dom-element-classlist" title="dom-Element-classList"><code>classList</code></dfn>
-attribute must return a <code><a href="#domtokenlist">DOMTokenList</a></code> whose associated attribute
-is the "<code title="">class</code>" content attribute.
+attribute must return the associated <code><a href="#domtokenlist">DOMTokenList</a></code> object
+representing the <a href="#context-object">context object</a>'s
+<a href="#concept-class" title="concept-class">classes</a>.

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