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Allow constructing and subclassing EventTarget

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domenic committed Jul 7, 2017
1 parent 8f8c1c3 commit c4c1c8b47340a1e5ecc1a07670927b831f240586
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@@ -876,7 +876,7 @@ for historical reasons.
<h3 id=interface-eventtarget>Interface {{EventTarget}}</h3>

<pre class=idl>
[Constructor, Exposed=(Window,Worker)]
interface EventTarget {
void addEventListener(DOMString type, EventListener? callback, optional (AddEventListenerOptions or boolean) options);
void removeEventListener(DOMString type, EventListener? callback, optional (EventListenerOptions or boolean) options);
@@ -944,6 +944,11 @@ and a <dfn export for=EventTarget>legacy-canceled-activation behavior</dfn> algo
are not to be used for anything else. [[!HTML]]

<dl class=domintro>
<dt><code><var>target</var> = new <a constructor for=EventTarget lt=EventTarget()>EventTarget</a>();</code>
Creates a new {{EventTarget}} object, which can be used by developers to <a>dispatch</a> and listen for

<dt><code><var>target</var> . <a method for=EventTarget lt=addEventListener()>addEventListener</a>(<var>type</var>, <var>callback</var> [, <var>options</var>])</code>
Appends an <a>event listener</a> for <a>events</a> whose {{Event/type}} attribute value
@@ -1014,6 +1019,17 @@ steps:
<li><p>Return <var>capture</var>, <var>passive</var>, and <var>once</var>.

<p>The <dfn constructor for=EventTarget><code>EventTarget()</code></dfn> constructor, when invoked,
must return a new {{EventTarget}}.

<p class="note">Because of the defaults stated elsewhere, the returned {{EventTarget}}'s
<a>get the parent</a> algorithm will return null, and it will have no <a>activation behavior</a>,
<a>legacy-pre-activation behavior</a>, or <a>legacy-canceled-activation behavior</a>.

<p class="note">In the future we could allow custom <a>get the parent</a> algorithms. Let us know
if this would be useful for your programs. For now, all author-created {{EventTarget}}s do not
participate in a tree structure.</p>

<dfn method for=EventTarget><code>addEventListener(<var>type</var>, <var>callback</var>, <var>options</var>)</code></dfn>
method, when invoked, must run these steps:

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