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Specify identity encoding for range requests

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jakearchibald authored and annevk committed Jun 6, 2018
1 parent 2e45674 commit 2f3d04d3713f6cd0f89d491217175b55911927be
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@@ -3652,8 +3652,19 @@ Range Requests</cite>. [[HTTP-RANGE]] However, this is not widely supported by b

<p>Modify <var>httpRequest</var>'s
<a for=request>header list</a> per HTTP.
<p>If <var>httpRequest</var>'s <a for=request>header list</a> <a for="header list">contains</a>
`<code>Range</code>`, then <a for="header list">append</a>
`<code>Accept-Encoding</code>`/`<code>identity</code>` to <var>httpRequest</var>'s
<a for=request>header list</a>.

<p class="note no-backref"><a href="">Many servers</a>
mistakenly ignore `<code>Range</code>` headers if a non-identity encoding is accepted.

<p>Modify <var>httpRequest</var>'s <a for=request>header list</a> per HTTP. Do not
<a for="header list">append</a> a given <a>header</a> if <var>httpRequest</var>'s
<a for=request>header list</a> <a for="header list">contains</a> that <a>header</a>'s
<a for=header>name</a>.

<p class="note no-backref">It would be great if we could make this more normative
somehow. At this point <a for=/>headers</a> such as

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