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Introduce concept-header-list-combine for XMLHttpRequest

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annevk committed Jun 20, 2014
1 parent 73834a6 commit 6965d6e4e9cc2705f1ca2b230a77747cc1fa2626
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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@

<p><a class="logo" href="//"><img alt="WHATWG" height="100" src="//" width="100"></a>
<h1 id="cors">Fetch</h1>
<h2 class="no-num no-toc" id="living-standard-—-last-updated-19-june-2014">Living Standard — Last Updated 19 June 2014</h2>
<h2 class="no-num no-toc" id="living-standard-—-last-updated-20-june-2014">Living Standard — Last Updated 20 June 2014</h2>

<dt>This Version:
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ <h2 class="no-num no-toc" id="living-standard-—-last-updated-19-june-2014">Liv
<p class="copyright"><a href="" rel="license"><img alt="CC0" src=""></a>
To the extent possible under law, the editor has waived all copyright and
related or neighboring rights to this work. In addition, as of
19 June 2014, the editor has made this specification available
20 June 2014, the editor has made this specification available
under the
<a href="" rel="license">Open Web Foundation Agreement Version 1.0</a>,
which is available at
@@ -224,6 +224,28 @@ <h4 id="terminology-headers"><span class="secno">2.1.2 </span>Headers</h4>
<var title="">list</var>.

<p>To <dfn id="concept-header-list-combine" title="concept-header-list-combine">combine</dfn> a
<a href="#concept-header-name" title="concept-header-name">name</a>/<a href="#concept-header-value" title="concept-header-value">value</a>
(<var title="">name</var>/<var title="">value</var>) pair in a
<a href="#concept-header-list" title="concept-header-list">header list</a> (<var title="">list</var>), run these

<li><p>If there are any <a href="#concept-header" title="concept-header">headers</a> in
<var title="">list</var> whose <a href="#concept-header-name" title="concept-header-name">name</a> is
<var title="">name</var>, set the <a href="#concept-header-value" title="concept-header-value">value</a> of the first
such <a href="#concept-header" title="concept-header">header</a> to
<a href="#concept-header-value" title="concept-header-value">value</a>, followed by 0x2C 0x20, followed by <var title="">value</var>.

<li><p>Otherwise, append a new <a href="#concept-header" title="concept-header">header</a> whose
<a href="#concept-header-name" title="concept-header-name">name</a> is <var title="">name</var> and
<a href="#concept-header-value" title="concept-header-value">value</a> is <var title="">value</var>, to
<var title="">list</var>.

<p class="note no-backref"><a href="#concept-header-list-combine" title="concept-header-list-combine">Combine</a> solely
exists for <code class="external"><a href="">XMLHttpRequest</a></code>.


<p>A <dfn id="concept-header" title="concept-header">header</dfn> consists of a
@@ -182,6 +182,28 @@ <h4 id=terminology-headers>Headers</h4>
<var title>list</var>.

<p>To <dfn title=concept-header-list-combine>combine</dfn> a
<span title=concept-header-name>name</span>/<span title=concept-header-value>value</span>
(<var title>name</var>/<var title>value</var>) pair in a
<span title=concept-header-list>header list</span> (<var title>list</var>), run these

<li><p>If there are any <span title=concept-header>headers</span> in
<var title>list</var> whose <span title=concept-header-name>name</span> is
<var title>name</var>, set the <span title=concept-header-value>value</span> of the first
such <span title=concept-header>header</span> to
<span title=concept-header-value>value</span>, followed by 0x2C 0x20, followed by <var title>value</var>.

<li><p>Otherwise, append a new <span title=concept-header>header</span> whose
<span title=concept-header-name>name</span> is <var title>name</var> and
<span title=concept-header-value>value</span> is <var title>value</var>, to
<var title>list</var>.

<p class="note no-backref"><span title=concept-header-list-combine>Combine</span> solely
exists for <code data-anolis-spec=xhr>XMLHttpRequest</code>.


<p>A <dfn title=concept-header>header</dfn> consists of a

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