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Split up media into video, audio and track

This splits up the `media` destination into three distinct destinations:
`video`, `audio` and `track`.

The reason for that is that track is quite different from video and
audio, and at least in Chromium, treating it internally as
a media resource type is problematic.

This change would allow type specific checks for track.
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yoavweiss authored and annevk committed Dec 16, 2016
1 parent 7c256a5 commit ba175cf1100045da83ed0d7768629653aa979c20
Showing with 11 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +11 −9
@@ -772,18 +772,20 @@ the empty string,
<p>A <a for=/>request</a> has an associated
<dfn export for=request id=concept-request-destination>destination</dfn>, which is
the empty string,
"<code>worker</code>", or
"<code>xslt</code>". Unless stated otherwise it is the empty string.

@@ -830,7 +832,7 @@ the empty string,
<td>HTML's <code>&lt;embed></code>
<td>HTML's <code>&lt;audio></code>
@@ -869,12 +871,12 @@ the empty string,
<td>HTML's <code>&lt;link rel=stylesheet></code>, CSS' <code>@import</code>
<td>HTML's <code>&lt;track></code>
<td>HTML's <code>&lt;video></code> element
@@ -1106,10 +1108,10 @@ Unless stated otherwise, it is "<code>basic</code>".

<p>A <dfn export>subresource request</dfn> is a <a for=/>request</a>
whose <a for=request>destination</a> is "<code>font</code>",
"<code>image</code>", "<code>manifest</code>", "<code>media</code>",
"<code>script</code>", "<code>style</code>", "<code>xslt</code>", or the empty
whose <a for=request>destination</a> is "<code>audio</code>", "<code>font</code>",
"<code>image</code>", "<code>manifest</code>", "<code>script</code>",
"<code>style</code>", "<code>track</code>", "<code>video</code>",
"<code>xslt</code>", or the empty string.

<p>A <dfn export>potential-navigation-or-subresource request</dfn> is a
<a for=/>request</a> whose
@@ -4627,7 +4629,7 @@ dictionary RequestInit {

enum RequestType { "", "audio", "font", "image", "script", "style", "track", "video" };
enum RequestDestination { "", "document", "embed", "font", "image", "manifest", "media", "object", "report", "script", "serviceworker", "sharedworker", "style", "worker", "xslt" };
enum RequestDestination { "", "audio", "document", "embed", "font", "image", "manifest", "object", "report", "script", "serviceworker", "sharedworker", "style", "track", "video", "worker", "xslt" };
enum RequestMode { "navigate", "same-origin", "no-cors", "cors" };
enum RequestCredentials { "omit", "same-origin", "include" };
enum RequestCache { "default", "no-store", "reload", "no-cache", "force-cache", "only-if-cached" };

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