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demos Fix incorrect comment in canvas example Jul 24, 2018
dev Meta: move one dev-edition-specific style back Oct 26, 2018
fonts Meta: remove Apache .htaccess files Dec 16, 2017
images Restrict the main element to be used once per document Jan 23, 2018
review-drafts Review Draft Publication: January 2020 Jan 29, 2020
.editorconfig Fix clock and blue-robot demos Jan 6, 2016
.gitattributes Meta: Commit Snapshot and Review Draft support May 29, 2018
.pr-preview.json Meta: add config file for PR Preview Dec 3, 2017
.travis.yml Meta: Commit Snapshot and Review Draft support May 29, 2018
404.html Meta: update the 404 to invite filing issues instead of email Dec 15, 2017 Meta: add recommended website to wrap text to 100 characters Jan 22, 2020 Editorial: use implementer instead of implementor Nov 20, 2017
LICENSE Meta: update for new WHATWG copyright Jan 18, 2018
Makefile Meta: Commit Snapshot and Review Draft support May 29, 2018 Meta: add a pull request template May 2, 2019 Update web-platform-tests URL Jun 11, 2018
html-dfn.js Meta: Persist dfn panel across multipage navigations Jun 13, 2017
link-fixup.js Meta: Fix link-fixup.js following a change in wattsi Aug 31, 2017 Meta: ensure master is up-to-date in Mar 15, 2020
source Add examples for "is closing" and "disowned" May 21, 2020
styles.css Meta: put dfn panel CSS in styles.css May 15, 2020

This repository hosts the HTML Standard.

Code of conduct

We are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all. Please read and respect the WHATWG Code of Conduct.

Contribution opportunities

We appreciate all contributions, see the guidelines for contributing for details, including information on how to build HTML output from the source file so you can preview your changes locally.


Tests are in the html/ directory of the web-platform-tests repository.


As the source file is too large for GitHub's blame utility, use blame for source on searchfox instead.

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