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[c] (0) Downplay <a name=''> error. (credit: hs)

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Hixie committed Dec 24, 2008
1 parent 12e0e54 commit 0126eb7a24f46f8e707850b019d1cb48a9ba2bf5
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<a href=#attr-meta-http-equiv-content-language title=attr-meta-http-equiv-content-language>Content
Language</a> state.</li>

<li><p>The presence of a <code title=attr-a-name>name</code>
attribute on an <code><a href=#the-a-element>a</a></code> element, if its value is not the
empty string.</li>

</ul><h2 id=no><span class=secno>11 </span>Things that you can't do with this specification because
they are better handled using other technologies that are further
described herein</h2>
4 source
<span title="attr-meta-http-equiv-content-language">Content
Language</span> state.</p></li>

<li><p>The presence of a <code title="attr-a-name">name</code>
attribute on an <code>a</code> element, if its value is not the
empty string.</p></li>


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