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Editorial: fix "of of" typo

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foolip committed Dec 1, 2017
1 parent ede1de1 commit 0e333a88ccbc7f6955e01cbccfae1b0751ee150d
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@@ -96659,7 +96659,7 @@ interface <dfn>WorkerGlobalScope</dfn> : <span>EventTarget</span> {
is set during creation.</p>
<p class="note">The <span data-x="concept-WorkerGlobalScope-name">name</span> can have different
semantics for each subclass of of <code>WorkerGlobalScope</code>. For
semantics for each subclass of <code>WorkerGlobalScope</code>. For
<code>DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope</code> instances, it is simply a developer-supplied name, useful
mostly for debugging purposes. For <code>SharedWorkerGlobalScope</code> instances, it allows
obtaining a reference to a common shared worker via the <code

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