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@@ -116519,7 +116519,6 @@ INSERT INTERFACES HERE
Andy Earnshaw,
Andy Heydon,
Andy Palay,
- Anne van Kesteren,
Anthony Boyd,
Anthony Bryan,
Anthony Hickson,
@@ -116675,7 +116674,6 @@ INSERT INTERFACES HERE
Divya Manian,
Dmitry Titov,
- Domenic Denicola,
Dominique Hazaël-Massieux,
Don Brutzman,
Doron Rosenberg,
@@ -117011,7 +117009,6 @@ INSERT INTERFACES HERE
Peter Van der Beken,
Peter-Paul Koch,
Phil Pickering,
- Philip Jägenstedt,
Philip Taylor,
Philip TAYLOR<!-- a different one -->,
Philippe De Ryck,
@@ -117090,7 +117087,6 @@ INSERT INTERFACES HERE
Silvia Pfeiffer,
&#x160;ime Vidas,
Simon Montagu,
- Simon Pieters,
Simon Sapin,
Simon Spiegel,
skeww, <!-- on reddit -->
@@ -117203,8 +117199,10 @@ INSERT INTERFACES HERE
<p>Thanks to Igor Zhbanov for generating PDF versions of the specification.</p>
- <p>This specification is written by Ian Hickson (Google,, with contributions from
- Simon Pieters (Opera, in the <code>img</code> section.</p>
+ <p>For about ten years starting in 2003, this specification was almost entirely written by Ian
+ Hickson (Google, More recently, Simon Pieters (Opera,, Anne van
+ Kesteren (Mozilla), Philip J&auml;genstedt (Opera), and Domenic Denicola (Google), all previously
+ long-time contributors, have joined Ian in editing the text directly.</p>
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