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[cgiowrt] (2) MAJOR CHANGES: Revamp the way scripts are specified, al…
…ong with their interaction with resolving relative URLs, etc. Give enough detail to justify objects in the DOM not being garbage collected randomly when still in use. Define script groups, to handle scripts going away during and session history navigation. Define why and how setTimeout(), database transactions, etc, handle page transitions. Drop the terms 'with' and 'without' script, use script is 'enabled'/'disabled' instead. Define 'unload' and 'beforeunload'. Rework how onfoo='' and .onfoo event handler attributes are defined. Rework how the content model of <noscript> is defined. Reword the way javascript: is defined to use the new terminology. Add a few notes of things that came up while I was doing all that.

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Hixie committed Dec 12, 2008
1 parent dc38c1b commit 246c3b4e29add9412568ac8c1de6ce0d6476cba9
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