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Honor srcdoc document referrer policies when set

If a srcdoc document contains a meta element with a referrer policy, we
should use that as the document's referrer policy instead of walking up
the tree to find the first non-srcdoc document's referrer policy.

(As discussed in #1559 (comment))
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estark37 authored and domenic committed Nov 23, 2016
1 parent c369309 commit 3147414111d134ecd844d9796aa6fc7c1979c98b
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<li><p>Let <var>document</var> be the <code>Document</code> with which <var>window</var> is
currently associated.</p></li>

<li><p>While <var>document</var> is <span>an <code>iframe</code> <code
data-x="attr-iframe-srcdoc">srcdoc</code> document</span>, set <var>document</var> to
<var>document</var>'s <span data-x="concept-document-bc">browsing context</span>'s
<li><p>While <var>document</var> is <span>an <code>iframe</code>
<code data-x="attr-iframe-srcdoc">srcdoc</code> document</span> and <var>document</var>'s
<span data-x="concept-document-referrer-policy">referrer policy</span> is the empty
string, set <var>document</var> to <var>document</var>'s
<span data-x="concept-document-bc">browsing context</span>'s
<span>browsing context container</span>'s <span>node document</span>.</p></li>

<li><p>Return <var>document</var>'s <span data-x="concept-document-referrer-policy">referrer

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