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[acgiowt] (0) WebSRT fixes: added <track default> to make it possible…

… to enable a text track by default; dropped <track charset>; dropped the voice identifier in favour of inline <v> annotations in WebSRT; dropped compatibility with legacy SRT; added a magic signature to WebSRT; added some forward-compatibility features to WebSRT for future expansion; simplified WebSRT timestamp syntax; added WebSRT <> syntax and support for classes in WebSRT; added '&gt;' escape support; tightened up WebSRT timestamp parsing; added ::cue() which takes a selector; dropped ::cue-part; added :past/:future; added some explanatory material and fixed some typos.

git-svn-id: 340c8d12-0b0e-0410-8428-c7bf67bfef74
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Hixie committed Dec 25, 2010
1 parent 27eec4a commit 3ad7ad9d7480d7049a37d86e3f68095a0ccaef49
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