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(Re)disallow script defer/async attributes w/o src

This change restores the following document-conformance requirement:

> The defer and async attributes must not be specified if the src
> attribute is not present.

That requirement was inadvertently dropped in cd1a9fb.
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sideshowbarker authored and domenic committed Apr 5, 2017
1 parent 9d0d388 commit 3c5180a08f90a375c64f8191f32f8c7ddfec0ba3
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data-x="classic script">Classic scripts</span> may specify <code
data-x="attr-script-defer">defer</code> or <code data-x="attr-script-async">async</code>; <span
data-x="module script">module scripts</span> may specify <code
data-x="attr-script-async">async</code>. The <code data-x="attr-script-defer">defer</code> and
<code data-x="attr-script-async">async</code> attributes must not be specified if the <code
data-x="attr-script-src">src</code> attribute is not present.</p>

<p>There are several possible modes that can be selected using these attributes, and depending on
the script's type.</p>

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